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"Randy Kazandy! Where Are Your Glasses? is a sweet story set to rhyming verse that would make a wonderful gift for a child who is about to visit the eye doctor for the first time, or just getting a first pair of glasses. The storyline, though simple and easy to understand, holds a profound, positive message for children bespectacled or not. The illustrations are colorful and extremely pleasing to the eye – they make the story come to life. The message is a valuable one for everyone, but especially for kids. Simply put: "I can overcome challenges and I love being me."

"This is a brilliant way to teach little ones that they are perfect just the way they are with or without glasses."
Kristen Schott - Editor, OC Family Magazine

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Key features include:

Personalisation of picture, voice and text: 
★ Kids can become their own narrator or listen to their parents narrate the book. 
★ Interactivity allows kids to personalize the sentence, create new action words and sharpen their vocabulary skills

Features on each page: 

★ Image and word association vocabulary builder - when an image is touched the associated word is spoken and the written word displayed. 

★ Karaoke effect - when a word is spoken during narration then the word is highlighted. 

★ Touch a word to hear it being spoken.

Three ways to read the book: 

★ "Read to me" - Listen to the narrated story while the text is displayed Karaoke style. After the narration finishes on a page the child can interact with objects till they are ready to move to the next page. 

★ "Read myself" - There is no narration but the child can touch a word to hear it being spoken aloud. 

★ "Auto Play" - same as "Read to Me" except the page advances automatically once the narration is finished. Useful for those long car rides when you want the child to have a complete book experience. 



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