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Interview with author Rhonda Fischer:

Why did you write Randy Kazandy!-Where Are Your Glasses?

I wrote Randy Kazandy when my children were young. I loved writing whimsical stories for them with a purpose. We were snowed in one winter’s night with my sister and her husband. We sat around the fireplace telling stories with the children. Randy Kazandy was born that night. It is a true story of my brother- in -law Randy. I love writing true stories with humor. It is my poetry, my music.

What will children learn from Randy Kazandy?

Children will learn that Randy Kazandy is a real little boy. Randy had to learn to adjust to wearing glasses. Children will learn to love themselves just the way they are.

Why is it important to read aloud to a child?

At home is where a lifetime of learning develops and stresses the importance of education and growth. It is a cherished bonding experience that we always looked forward to in our house growing up. With 4 children I made my rounds every night into each bed reading the age appropriate book for each child. We read tons of books. Later on reading to Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops was why I loved writing my own stories. Children need to read with vigor and expression. Reading out loud teaches that.

Who is your hero?

I would have to say Helen Keller. She visited in my hometown a short time when she was a little girl. Her courage and admiration for learning was astonishing. She is proof that challenges of any kind can be achieved.

"Life is a daring adventure, or nothing" -  Helen Keller

Who inspired you?

My husband, four children,nieces and nephews inspired me to write children's books by the everyday experiences, fun times, and memories we had together. Reading every night keep the light alive within me to write more fun style books and poetry. It helped me cope in happy times and in sorrow. My children are the notes, cadenzas, arpeggios and the music of my life.


My hat goes off to my family and friends who have supported me with their enthusiasm as I write my books. My cup runneth over.

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