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Dear Mrs. Fischer,
You’re one of a kind author,
Who’s really kind.
We thank you for reading to us
So that Randy Kazandy could stay
In our minds.

- Danny


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for coming to out learning room,
You must have had to come in a rapid zoom.
You are an author that’s really cool,
And you are one that really rules!

- Ben

(Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School)

Dear Mrs. Fischer,
How should I say this?
It should be true
I really enjoyed,
This book from you!
Randy Kazandy,
It was thoroughly Randy,
To wrap it up, I really should say.
Thank you for coming to my class today!

- Vijay


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Wonder and fun you did bring,
As the words you spoke did sing,
The enthusiasm you had was spiraling.
Thank you for coming,
Your book sent me thinking!

- Goure

(Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School)

Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for coming to our class,
For sharing your thoughts.
I will never again pass
On a chance to learn lots.
Your book was great,
In each and every way.
To read your book, I can hardly wait,
I won’t forget this day!

- Melissa


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for coming to my classroom,
It was fun, not gloom.
I enjoyed your coming.
Thank you for sharing.
Yours truly,

- Ashley

(Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School)

Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for coming to our amazing school.
You’re really funny and really cool.
I wish you could stay and teach us to rhyme,
To teach us to write, to teach us sometime.

- Daniel


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for your time to tell,
This story was done very well.
It was very, very funny,
And was cute, like a bunny.
I hope you write more books,
All with little catch hooks.

- Meejin

(Tarbut V'Torah Community Day School)

Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you, thank you
For you time
Thank you, thank you for the rhyme.
Thank you , thank you
For that day.
Thank you, thank you for such fun and play.

- Michelle


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
I really like your book,
It caught me with a hook.
You’re good at giving speeches,
Fun as they can be,
Thank you for coming here
And giving ours to me.
On authors you could say I’m a whiz,
And I know you’re the best there is.

- Ian


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
You are like a sweet candy,
For reading us Randy Kazandy
The story of a boy named Randy,
With a brain full of ideas that are handy.

- Arwind


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Books really rock,
And so do you!!

- Lekham

Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for your time,
Randy Kazandy had a great rhyme!
It was very funny,
Your book made my day sunny!
Yours truly,

- Leanna

Bank Sisters


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
I loved your book,
It caught me like a hook.
Thank you for sharing,
And for your caring.
Randy Kazandy is great,
It should be eight out of eight.
I can’t wait for it,
It will be a big hit.
Again, thank you for reading,
It was a great meeting.

- Andrew


Thank you for your time,
Thank you for your rhyme,
Thank you for your mind,
You were very kind.
Thank Randy Kazandy
He was fine and dandy.
His glasses seemed not to fit
Until he decided they were a hit

- Alex


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Today Mrs Fischer read us about Randy Kazandy.
After hearing the book I thought it was quite dandy.
Now that I’ve been inspired by this boy,
I will look forward to more with joy.

- Catherine


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
We really enjoyed your visit,
And thank you for this benefit.
Randy Kazandy was very well done.
It will attract everyone.

- Kaitlyn


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you very much for coming
To our classes,
And sharing how Randy Kazandy
Loves his eyeglasses.
The tips you gave us were dandy,
I had a blast when you came,
Here’s an idea, a trip to a
Baseball game.

- Melind


Thank you for coming to room 24,
We were almost ready to snore!
Randy Kazandy is really funny,
It could cause laughs and even some money!

- Juliana

Gabriella- Singer- age 7


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you Thank you,
For your time.
Thank you Thank you ,
For your rhyme.
Thank you Thank you
For the story,
Thank you, Thank you,
I wish you glory.

- Nilay


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Randy Kazandy is the best!
You are a great author too.
Your books have zest,
I will never forget you!

- Evelyn


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
The book Randy Kazandy
Sounds like a fantasy
But really is a delight
Because of his power and might
This is an amazing book
And is a great look
And its luring me in with a baited hook.

- George


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Your book is wonderful,
It looks very colorful.
Your character Randy,
Was extremely dandy.
Thank you for reading it,
With all your spirit.

- Janisha

Diana- Narrator-age 9


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Roses are Red
Violets are blue,
Your read Randy Kazandy to us,
So we’ll say Thank you to you.

- Saieashwar


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for your time,
It was worth every minute of mine.
Please come again soon as it was dandy,
To learn about Randy,

- Kaj


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for reading Randy Kazandy,
To me it was very handy.
It was a great opportunity for you to come.
I surely had a lot of fun.
I hope to give you more ideas that are great.
Hopefully they will come at a fast rate.
You’ve helped me more with my writing,
Which is quite exciting.
Your idea has a great look,
I really want to buy that interesting book!

- Alexis


You were so nice to come to our school.
The story was fun because you’re a good writer.
I hope you like my poem because you
Were cool. I will get all your books
And be a faithful reader.

- Kiran


Your book is very fun to read,
You are a very great author indeed.
Your writing is a very great tool,
You were very nice to come to our school!

- Shashank


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for visiting our classroom,
We are very joyful that you came.
We, as students, will assume,
That Randy will enjoy fame!

- Michelle


Mrs. Fischer, you are so nice,
Thank you for all of your advice.
Thank you for coming to our school.
You were so very cool!
You are a great author,
Using such great metaphors!

- Amy

Diana, Gabriella, Isabella-age 5

Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Thank you for reading us Randy Kazandy.
He did not think glasses were cool.
He thought those frames were not dandy
And thought he looked like a fool.
He lost his glasses, four, brand-new!
His mother did not know what to think,
She did not have a clue.
Randy did not like the glasses, he feels they really stink.
Another pair came from Dr. B
“Oh, no!” Randy thought.
“Oh dear! Oh my! Please help me!”
His stomach was tied in a knot.
His father showed Randy his new frames,
While Randy giggled at the new look.
“You know, glasses aren’t that lame!”
Randy reconsidered and a new pair of glasses he took.


Dear Mrs. Fischer,
Tnank you for coming.
Your really are stunning.
With Randy and his pesky glass,
Nothing else could make us laugh.
We really enjoyed hearing you rhyme,
So please write more to read next time!

- Gayle

From the teacher:

Dear Rhonda,
What a wonderful opportunity for the class. Your enthusiasm for your book and project came through with every word. I so appreciate your sharing about the editing process-they think I’m mean if I require three edits!
Thanks so much,

- Linda Heath


From Springbrook Elementary School, Irvine, California 3d grade class:

Dear Miss Rhonda,

Thank you for coming, and sharing about Randy Kazandy. Remember the two girls who were in your picture? If you do, one of them was me. You have wonderful ideas about Rnady Kazandy books. I felt very honored to be meeting you. I hope you have a great success in selling the book, glasses, and other things. Did you decide to make Randy Kazandy because your children were so big? You have amazing, just amazing ideas. I can see that you have expression in your voice and face. That is what makes your stories so interesting. That is a wonderful idea about putting your own family members in a book. I have some ideas you can do for your future Randy Kazandy books. Things like treasure hunting, rock climbing, skiing, ice skating, jungle expeditions, or going on a mountain range. Where did you get your idea for Randy Kazandy? Well, I thank you for coming to our class today!

I wish you the best,

Dear Miss Rhonda,

You are a great author!! I was the first one to hug you because I remembered how wonderful your book was. Your book was funny, had beautiful illustrations, rhyming words, cliffhangers and much others. Randy Kazandy was a troublesome kid, that’s for sure. I loved your song, I have the tune stuck in my head “It’s Randy Kazandy time…”
You are very creative, funny, healthy, beautiful, and enjoys to play and laugh with children and has great ideas. How would life be if you did not brighten up life. Did you decide to make the Randy Kazandy because of your family? I felt honored meeting you. You are very warm and cozy I can see! I really want to meet you again. If I meet you somewhere I’ll remember to go on the web-site and tell you. You are really a very bright lady!! Some adventures you could add is Randy flying in an airplane for the first time and discovered clouds and things. I really, really thank you for coming!!



Dear Mrs. Rhonda,

Thank you for coming to our class and telling us about Randy Kazandy. I really enjoyed the book and the theme song. I actually play the violin for five years and been playing the piano for four years. So you playing the piano really inspired me. I can’t wait till your fabulous book gets published and gets in stores.


Dear Mrs. Rhonda,

I liked your book very much, especially the rhyming. My favorite part in the book was when Randy threw his glasses in the trashcan! It was very funny. I also like the tune you made for the book. You don’t find many books with a theme song to go with it. I play piano too, but not as good as you do. I’ve only been playing for a year. I can’t wait for your next book. I’m sure your next book will be good too?

Your Friend,


Dear Miss Rhonda,

I enjoyed the fact that you came to the school and talked about Randy Kazandy. I like your creative ideas and your rhymes in your book. I like your books and especially your writing and your illustrations of Randy Kazandy. I like how you got all the characters from your family. I have your theme song stuck in my head “Randy Kazandy Time…”
I like everything that includes Randy Kazandy. I hope it becomes a big shot.




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